Skin Tightening


Accent Your Body
Skin Tightening

Accent Your Body provides controlled heat therapy to fight wrinkles and tighten skin on the face and body.  The treatment process is entirely comfortable, quick and virtually pain free. You’ll go through a series of office visits to see the full benefits.

Since it’s not surgery–there are no incisions, stitches or even anesthesia needed–there’s no recovery time required.  You can go straight back to work or home, with no one the wiser.

Tighter, Firmer, More Youthful Skin

Accent Your body helps treat any problem areas you might have by tightening and firming any loose, wrinkled or dimpled skin anywhere on the body. The treatment is frequently used to improve the thin, delicate skin that develops on the face, neck and under the upper arms.

Many patients also seek treatment for a post-surgical or postpartum abdomen, thighs or buttocks.  Accent Your Body has proven safe and effective for those areas, too.

The Difference for Visible Results

Accent Your Body provides visible results because it is the only treatment of its kind to use a “dual layer” approach.  This mean it treats tissue at two different depths through both unipolar and bipolar radio frequencies.  You’ll feel your skin grow thicker, tighter and smoother because of the dual layer targeting.

Patients often see results immediately.  Over time and with follow-up procedures, your skin will tighten even more as new collagen develops.  You may notice a slight redness, whcih should disappear in less than 24 hours.  Generally, three to five treatments at two week intervals will be required.

Accent Your Body uses cutting-edge medical technology, called radio frequency.  It uses radio frequency energy to heat the dermis, your skin’s inner layer. This targeted energy helps reorganize the cellular environment and stimulates your cells to produce new collagen.

Safe and Comfortable

Accent Your Body is completely safe, cleared by the FDA and has been used to improve the lives of thousands of patients worldwide, safely and successfully. The risk of significant side effects is extremely low.  If you have any concerns at all about the treatment, please contact our treatment provider at ANAVA to learn more.  Most people find Accent Your Body very comfortable.  While pain tolerance is subjective, many patients often describe the sensation as a “warm massage”.

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